Top 10 Best Forehands in Tennis Today: Ranking Men’s Singles

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Apr 2, 2015; Key Biscayne, FL, USA; David Ferrer hits a forehand against Novak Djokovic (not pictured) in a men

Top 10 Best Forehands in Tennis Today

Here at Lob and Smash, we have endeavoured to rank the current generation of tennis elite on their shot making ability. Now the Top 10 series moves onto best forehands and here is who we think are the best off the forehand wing in 2015. Whether it is frightening power, lethal accuracy or consistency point after points, the forehand is often the staple of a world class player. Not only can it lead to wins throughout the year, but a top forehand can help players to Grand Slam titles.

Let us know your own thoughts on our list in the comments below, as we guide you through the best forehands in tennis accompanied by full analysis and videos.

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10 – David Ferrer

The way a player utilises his forehand tells you a lot about his overall approach. For Ferrer it boils down to minimising mistakes, a strategy that he executes just about as well as anyone on the ATP tour. His forehand has been at the centre of his success over the last decade.

Far from just a rallying shot that doesn’t miss, the Spaniard is blessed with a number of options from the forehand side. He hits the inside out cross court forehand as well as anyone, sometimes achieving angles from this particular shot that you wouldn’t have known were possible. His shot production is very similar for his forehand no matter the placement or power, which makes him a difficult opponent to read. Even against the very best it is a shot that simply doesn’t break down. He could probably hit it for hours with only a few errors, such is the consistency of the stroke.

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