Will Federer play the Laver Cup even after he retires?

Federer is one of the co-founders for the Laver Cup and a major investor. Since its inception in 207, the tournament has gone on to enjoy immense success and is revered among spectators and pundits alike. Federer’s retirement is coming sooner rather than later and there’s a lot of things he can do after he retires. Can participating in the Laver Cup be one of them?

Playing for Team Europe, Federer has gone on to win both editions of the Laver Cup so far, with the first edition having Nadal (also a key member in the formation of the Laver Cup) and the second edition having Djokovic.

What will his role be post-retirement?

According to an article posted by tennisworldusa, Federer plans on being involved with the Laver Cup in some shape or form, saying that “ ‘I see myself going to an event like this and having just a cool three days without working with friends. I know a lot of retired tennis players don’t see themselves doing that.”

While confirming his involvement, he neither accepted nor denied a possibility of participation in the true Federer fashion. Sometimes he’s too Swiss.

Should he play though?

Regardless, I don’t see why not? It’s an exhibition tournament for all intents and purposes, and while the competitive spirit is very much present, I doubt a 40+ year-old Federer will be a slouch on the tennis court. He’s still plenty competitive at the age of 37. Knowing Federer and his goofy old dad nature, there’s no doubt that he will play even after he retires.

There should perhaps also be talks of bringing some of the older legends to play like the duo of Sampras and Agassi. Even the coaches should have a match of their own? Who in their right mind would refuse to watch a Borg vs McEnroe match, even after all these years!

One might hope that it’ll happen next year.