WTA Tour: 5 Exciting Young Players to Watch in 2017

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WTA Tour
Sep 7, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) serves to Serena Williams (USA) during the women /

WTA Tour: the 2017 season is underway. There are plenty of players to watch in women’s tennis this year. Here are five young players that can have breakout seasons.

Angelique Kerber and Serena Williams are not the only players to watch on the 2017 WTA Tour.

The field is competitive and filled with plenty of young talent on the WTA Tour this season. Women’s tennis is experiencing a resurgence through the younger generation of players. Even Kerber, just 28-years-old, being the new world No. 1 to start the season is significant.

2016 saw a number of players make a name for themselves.

The 2017 WTA Tour might very well include several new Grand Slam winners and signify a changing of the guard in favor of a new generation.

With the season now underway, here are five players to watch in 2017.