The three greatest seasons by a player in tennis history

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To have one of the best seasons in tennis history means complete domination and success over opponents. Here are the three greatest seasons by a single player in tennis history.

The level of difficulty it takes for players to be able to put together a string of 5-7 wins in a row for a tournament victory is simply incredible. It takes an extreme amount of focus and a near-perfect run of matches to be able to emerge as the champion. With that, it’s incredible to see some of the runs that a player can make in a given season. The highest level of play and complete domination over opponents all results in one of the greatest seasons in tennis.

Here, we’ll take a look at the three greatest seasons in tennis history by a single player. We’ll take into account the overall record in that season, the amount of Grand Slams and other major tournaments won, and the dominance the player had over the sport in that season. Which season is going to come out on top? Let’s take a look

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