The ATP official tier list: the best and the next of today’s top ATP players

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As the days without tennis wane on, players and fans across the globe have to think of more creative ways to get their tennis fills. Let’s break down and place some of the ATP’s top players in our new tier list!

Tennis has been cancelled, quite possibly for the rest of the 2020 season at this point. With the stoppage in play continuing with virtually no hope in sight, the tennis community has turned in new ways to keep involved. For the players, they’ve been able to take part in the incredible virtual Madrid Open Pro. Others have started frequent apperences on Instagram Live and other platforms to interact with both players and fans. Fans have arguably been the most creative of the bunch, finding unorthodox places to play, from living rooms to their roof!

Today, we’re going to you our official tier list of ATP players. It’s one of the most popular trends of 2019 and 2020, and now it’s hitting the tennis world! The way this works is simple: we’ll be grouping some of the game’s best players in a series of tiers:

  1. Hall-of-Famers
  2. Top veteran stars
  3. “Next Gen” stars
  4.  Showtime, no primetime

Let’s dive in!

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