The official 2020 L&S Tier list: WTA Edition

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Where do the WTA”s top players rank in 2020? Let’s break down some of women’s tennis’ best into tiers and why they’re poised for greater things by the time their careers end.

I published yesterday the first official tier list of ATP players on tour in 2020. Today, we’re going to look at the WTA. We’ll break down some of the game’s best female players and see how they stack up on the list. The list will be broken down into tiers, similar to the ATP version, but slightly different:

  1. Hall-of-Famers
  2. Top veteran stars
  3. Next Gen stars

Similar to the ATP, the list’s three main tiers will be the same, begininng with Hall-of-Famers and ending with Next Gen stars. There won’t be a tier on showtime in this list, as it’s not as porminent in the WTA as it is in the ATP (there isn’t a NIck Kyrgios floating around in the WTA). There also won’t be a tier for ‘consistency with no results’; without consistent major champions, it’s very difficult to rank this category.

We’ll break down some of the game’s best players in each tier, along with reasons why they could make the jump into a higher tier once their careers end. It’s entirely possible that some players will become greater players once their careers continue, however, this tier list will be based off of their success up to this point without much speculation. Some will need to be taken into account when assessing the game’s next greats, as we don’t know how their careers will end up.

Now then, let’s take a look at some of the top players and where they rank!

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