Predicting what the ATP Top 5 will look like in five years

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The Big 3 on the ATP Tour have dominated tennis like no other group in sports. They haven’t let up since 2005, but with their age, it looks as if they’ll retire very soon. Here are the predictions for what the ATP top five will look like in five years.

We’re nearing the end of the Big 3’s dominance over the ATP Tour. The three superstars have combined to win 51 of the last 60 major championships, dating back to the beginning of the 2005 season. They’ve had streaks of 18 in a row (from 2005-2009) and 11 (from 2010-2012). They also currently hold a streak of 13 consecutive major championship wins.

They’ve been #1 in the world for a combined 801 weeks, with Federer and Djokovic sitting 1st and 3rd all-time in this category with 301 and 282 weeks, respectively. Nadal’s 209 weeks ranks 6th all-time.

It’s truly incredible to see how little other players have been able to accomplish in all of this time. Only 5 other players have collected major championships since the beginning of 2005 and it doesn’t seem it’s possible to win unless the Big Three retire. That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today.

It’s all speculation of how young players will do on tour but it’s a very important topic to bring up. With Djokovic and Nadal at 32 and 33 years old, and Federer at an ancient 36, they aren’t going to be around for very much longer, unfortunately.

With that, let’s dive into a prediction of what the ATP Top 5 will look like in 5 years.

Note: It’s possible that Djokovic and/or Nadal will still be playing in five years, but for the sake of this piece, they’ll be left out of the rankings in order to look at five young players that could all break into stardom.

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