Berrettini shocks Tsitsipas and win UTS title in dramatic fashion

Matteo Berrettini shocked Stefanos Tsitsipas in the UTS Finals to take the title in a dramatic sudden-death win. Here’s a breakdown of the final day of action.

Semifinal #1: The Hammer (Matteo Berrettini) def. The Virtuoso (Richard Gasquet) 3-2

Berrettini proved that, despite his recent struggles, he’s still very capable of competing against the tournament’s best. He used a dominating first quarter win (24-8) to keep the momentum going despite Gasquet’s attempts to take the match.

IT was a much tighter match following the first quarter. Gasquet took the second quarter 14-12 while committing zero unforced errors. Berrettini took the 3rd quarter 16-12 but Gasquet dialed up another clutch 4th quarter performance to tie the match at two apiece. It wasn’t enough, however, as Berrettini won the sudden death and advanced to the finals.

The Hammer is back in his groove moving into the finals. After two weeks of average play, he turned it up to eleven against the 2nd-ranked Gasquet and punched in a win. The was arguably Gasquet’s best chance at winning against Berrettini given his shakiness. Unfortunately, Gasquet’s hot streak comes to an end at the hands of the very same player that dealt him his last loss.

Berrettini seems to be back in form, which is perfect timing as he moves into the final UTS match of the event.

Semifinal #2: The Greek God (Stefanos Tsitsipas) def. The Wall (David Goffin) 3-0

Tsitsipas continues his dominant run at the UTS and once again dispatches Goffin without a second thought. The Greek God has now won ten quarters in a row (dating back to last Sunday’s win over Corentin Moutet). The last seven quarters have come against Goffin, who’s taken two straight bagels to the chest against the #1 UTS player.

Tsitsipas didn’t dominate this match as hed had in the past but still ended with three quarters compared to Goffin’s zero. Moving into the final, Tsitsipas looks nothing but unbeatable. Berrettini has rebounded at the right time to face him but isn’t close to favorite in the finals.

FINALS: The Hammer (Matteo Berrettini) def. The Greek God (Stefanos Tsitsipas) 3-2

Berrettini took down the Greek God. In an outcome that surely wasn’t expected, Tsitsipas was finally taken out. Berrettini came out flying in the first two quarters, taking them both 16-15 and 15-12. It was a sight that no one thought they’d see happen.

Tsitsipas, however, did what he does best: play incredible tennis. he rebounded from 0-2 down and won the next two quarters to tie up the match at two quarters apiece. Tsitsipas, after struggling at the start, looked to be back in business.

He hadn’t lost a sudden death in four attempts and it looked like he was going to make it 5-0 to win the title. Berrettini, however, was at the top of his game and wouldn’t be defeated. He won the title on a hammering crosscourt winner that was just out of Tsitsipas’ reach.

It was an incredible tournament for both players. Tsitsipas had dominated the field te entire way and was easily the best player in the tournament, regardless of the final match’s outcome. Berrettini had been right alongside him until a late slip over the last few weeks. He proved tonight that it didn’t matter.

The event was terrific from beginning to end. Patrick Mouratoglou’s vision certainly shined. It’s likely going to be a while until the next UTS event is held but until then, all that can be done is look back on the incredible 5 weeks of play that it’s given us.