[LIVE] 3rd round French Open match: Grigor Dimitrov vs Diego Schwartzman

We are going to be underway on Court Simone-Matthieu. Stay tuned!


Dimitrov is down 3 break points in the opening game so far


A miss hit from Schwartzman makes it 40-15


The errors are piling up for Schwartzman. From a love -40 game to deuce now


A down the line winner sets up another break point for Schwartzman


Serve and volley-esque approach from Dimitrov, except he puts the return deep into the right baseline for Schwartzman. Break point saved and we are back at deuce


Dimitrov hits it wide and we are back at break point in the opening game


Dimitrov hits it wide! Unfortunate. 1-0 Schwartzman


Waiting for the return we are now at 3-0.  This match was flying past Dimitov, but now he has break point


After losing break point, Dimitrov has gained another break point


Dimitrov has broken! 3-1


Dimitrov wins his game, and we are at 3 games to 2


Down  2 sets to love, Dimitrov was showing life in this second set. Up 2-0 and 40-40, Dimitrov was in the box set to start this 3rd set 3-0.

Instead, it is 2 games to 1. Dimitrov will have to keep on fighting