Does Stefanos Tsitsipas fly under the radar when it comes to the worst sportsmanship on the men’s tour?


Tsitisipas is developing something of a bad habit.


Against Andy Murray at Flushing Meadows last year, Tsitsipas took such a long toilet break, that the ATP had to modify rules which had previously never had to be modified, regarding the length of bathroom breaks

Last night, balls landing in the crowd, body shots towards Kyrgios, and an ice cold handshake, were just some of the antics that leave much to be desired about Tsitsipas’s character on the court.

It appears almost when placed under an unfamiliar situation in a match (like being behind in the scoreline to an underdog (Murray) or against Kyrgios, winning the first set but being behind 2 set to 1 in a major), Tsitsipas begins to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Where the best players in the sport dig deep and pull out their best tennis to get out of trouble, Tsitsipas has developed a reputation of resorting to  bathroom breaks, medical timeouts, and body shots, to get himself out of trouble.

Last night’s icy handshake can be forgiven if it was just in isolation. However, this is becoming a small piece in an unfortunately, a larger repertoire of dubious behaviour.

Tsitsipas would do well to cut these aspects out of his game, because someone of his immense talent and skill level should not resort which are beneath him. He already got to world number 3 without having to pull any of these dirty tricks, so it remains to be seen why he resorts to such measures in certain situations. It is under pressure moments that the worst aspects of his game seem to illuminate.

However, Tsitsipas has time to grow and he is still very young. I would not be surprised if in the future, he looks back on some of the aspects of his mental game.