Gossip: Who has a new line for Victoria’s Secret…and MORE


Which player has a new line for Victoria’s Secret?

One particular tennis player has just announced that their collaboration with Victoria’s Secret. I’ll give you a hint- it’s a player with an S in one of their names. Here’s what she had to say:

“I think of the button-down shirts, which I’m wearing right now. It’s great for relaxation. It’s great as pajamas. And also for going out, you can also wear it simply as a shirt.”

“So I want to feel as comfortable as possible”.

“I thought it would be really cool to change the view. I’ve always loved their body mist and as a kid, I only remember spraying it on myself”. “Probably at some point period I smelled an overwhelming smell, but I just remember walking into the store and smelling everything and seeing how beautiful the displays were”.

Can you guess which WTA player it is? Leave a comment below if you think you’ve got it.

Which tennis player feels like the war is not their fault and out of their control?

We’ve just got information that there is a certain tennis player who feels like the war in Ukraine shouldn’t be something they are judged for. This is what this player had to say.

“Well, to be honest, I am trying to stay away from this. Last year, it was super painful for me and I was really worried about that but this year, I mean, I cannot control it.”

“They will do whatever they want to and I really that we are going to playing there”. “I like the tournament, it’s a beautiful place, I like the crowd”. “I really miss the people there because it’s really enjoyable playing in front of fans there”. “So yeah, I really hope they’re going to let us play”. “If not, then what can I do.”

“Before, I was really worried about that and I didn’t really know what to do and I really thought that this situation was my fault, you know.”

“Like, the reaction of people to some different things made me feel really bad but then I realized that this is not under my control and I did nothing bad against Ukrainian people”. “So yeah, this is not my fault, zero control in this situation”. “Unfortunately, we’re somehow invited in all this.”

It’s an interesting take and it’s good we are hearing from the players directly. Can you guess which player said this just recently?

Which player feels like Nadal and Djokovic’s absence at Indian Wells isn’t going to change much?

There’s one particular ATP player who is adamant that the absence of Djokovic and Nadal wouldn’t have changed the tournament much. It’s an interesting take since Djokovic and Nadal have won the tournaments a combined 8 times. Here’s what this particular player had to say.

“It’s not gonna change much I think”. “At the end of the day, there is a great field of players in the tournament that’s gonna go on and it’ll be a success”.

Do you know who said this recently? Leave a comment below if you think you’ve nailed it.