Wimbledon 2023: Our staff makes our best guesses at what will happen

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We are on the doorstep of the 2023 edition of the Wimbledon championships. Preparations from players and their teams are finished. It’s time to see who will rise and fall to the occasion.

The team here at Lob and Smash put our superb tennis minds to work as we predict how both the men’s and women’s events will go. It was surprising just how many different thoughts we had on what might happen. But that’s the great thing about tennis, right?

We tried to predict a little bit of everything. Check back and see how we did at the end. But without further ado, here we go.

Wimbledon predictions for 2023

Women’s Wimbledon dark horse

Joseph Copeland: I’m going to cheat a little bit because I have two names. Elina Svitolina is a former world No. 3 and a Semifinalist at Wimbledon in 2019. Motherhood and other events have seen her ranking drop, but she is back and can make a run. The other dark horse is the 9-seed veteran, Petra Kvitova. I predict she goes deep.

Prediction: Elina Svitolina/Petra Kvitova

Myre Aberdan: Ana Potapova. She’s a former Wimbledon juniors Champion. I think she has a shot to go deep. If it’s not this year, it’s sometime in the near future.

Prediction: Ana Potapova

Nicky Nathanson: Nice and easy. (I hope!)

Prediction: Coco Gauff

Lee Vowell: I seriously have doubts Williams will even win a match at Wimbledon, but her real-life story could kind of mirror that of Paul Bettany in the movie “Wimbledon” and that would be fantastic!

Prediction: Venus Williams

Men’s Wimbledon dark horse

Copeland: I think there are few players that can make runs deep at this event. Seb Korda and Alexander Bublik both come into this event in good form and have the games for this surface. But, looking at the 19th Seed, Sasha Zverev, I get excited. His big match experience with his big game could carry him deep into Week 2.

Prediction: Alexander Zverev

Aberdan:  I can definitely see a new Grand Slam Quarterfinalist/Semifinalist at Wimbledon on the Men’s side. It will be a real toss-up, given there is no Nadal or Federer blocking the latter stages. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mannarino, Griekspoor or Bublik go really deep.

Prediction: Alexander Bublik/Tallon Griekspoor

Nathanson: If Kyrgios is healthy, I’m taking him. The Aussie has a knack for grass.

Prediction: Nick Kyrgios

Vowell: I think Korda is a bit too egotistical for his own good sometimes, but at least he believes in himself. He has the serve and athleticism to surprise people at Wimbledon.

Prediction: Sebastian Korda