What you might have missed at Wimbledon: Paula Badosa’s stare

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In some other Wimbledon news instead of what is happening specifically on the court, Paula Badosa seems to really not like Stefanos Tsitsipas’s father. Or maybe her eyes just made it appear that way.

Badosa, who we all know is dating Stefanos Tsitsipas because neither they nor the British tabloid media will allow us to forget it, was sitting in Tsitsipas’s box with, among other people, Tsitsipas’s father. Badosa was behind Stefanos’s father, Apostolos Tsitsipas, during Tsitsipas’s match against Andy Murray (which was suspended and has not yet ended). It should be noted that Apostolos is also Stefanos’s coach.

A point was played, Badosa was clapping slowly, and Apostolos appeared to have turned to her and said something, but it didn’t seem tense. There was then a short discussion between Apostolos and the person sitting next to him, but Apostolos didn’t appear to say very much. But judging by Badosa’s eyes looking at Apostolos, you would have thought that Apostolos was planning some kind of murder.

Paula Badosa stares and stares and stares at Stefanos Tsitsipas’s father

Maybe Badosa’s look meant nothing, but she certainly appeared to be thinking about something quite negatively.


The issue with Badosa and Tsitsipas dating and being so out in front of everything news-wise is that now literally everything they do is magnified. Hopefully, they are aware that as long as they are both playing high-level tennis and remain a couple, every movement they make will be scrutinized. In this situation, though, Badosa’s eyes make it appear that she really doesn’t like Apostolos.

Maybe it’s nothing, but she is likely going to be asked about it more times than she wants. And Stefanos is likely going to be asked about it as well. I hope they are a happy couple, but they certainly are going to have the stress of attention that most couples do not have.

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As far as on the court, Badosa was forced to retire from her second-round match on Friday. She was down a set to Marta Kostyuk. Badosa has had an ongoing back injury, and she cited this as the reason she needed to retire.