Andrea Petkovic drops the deets on Federer and Nadal

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Mandatory Credit: Peter van den Berg-USA TODAY Sports /

Andrea Petkovic was a good player in her own right (she ranked a career-high of 8 at one point), and that should be noted. When she spoke recently on the Tennis Channel’s Inside-In podcast about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, she knew exactly of what she spoke. But what she said was a little bit shocking at times.

Also, it should be said that in no way did Petkovic speak with malice or dislike of the two ATP tour greats. She clearly likes both. But she did say that maybe Rafael Nadal needs to think about his next job after tennis ends, and she mentioned possibly he could become the President of Real Madrid CF. This isn’t the first time that option for the Spaniard has come up either.

Nadal has always been a big fan and supporter of Real Madrid. He was even at the Champions League final last year to watch the team. He is also reportedly good friends with Real Madrid club president Florentino Perez. Perez could also step down after 14 years on the job, but could his replacement be Nadal? Doubtful, but who knows? And Petkovic suggests maybe he should take the gig if he is offered it.

Andrea Petkovic talks Nadal and Federer

Petkovic said on the podcast, “First of all, what do you have to do as a president? You represent, which Rafael can represent, you go to a few press conferences and he can do that. I don’t want to think of it, but soon retirement is on the horizon and you better find a new job, Rafa.”

As far as Federer is concerned, Petkovic said that if Novak Djokovic and Nadal had not been on the ATP tour, Federer would have stopped at 17 Grand Slam titles. But Federer felt the push to go further because his record was being immediately threatened by the Serb and the Spaniard.

Per Petkovic, “If Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic hadn’t appeared on the tour, he would’ve stopped at 17 (major titles). A 100 percent (chance he stops at 17).” Fortunately for tennis fans everywhere, the Big Three did exist and pushed each other to further greatness.

Federer has now retired. Nadal has said that 2024 will be his final year, but let’s hope he can stay healthy enough to play the entire time. Djokovic is still playing at a high level, but it remains to be seen how many Grand Slam titles he can still win.

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