John McEnroe tests positive for COVID, won’t be part of US Open coverage

(Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Sadly, we do not appear done with the awfulness that is COVID-19 yet. There has recently been an uptick in positive tests in the United States, and now the virus has affected the US Open. More specifically, John McEnroe – an all-time tennis great and one of the best tennis commentators ever – announced he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Of course, John McEnroe’s health is much more important than whether we can hear him on tennis broadcasts. We hope he gets better and quite quickly. But for those wanting to hear McEnroe’s views during the tennis match you are watching, you might not hear that during the run of the last major of the year.

According to a statement released by John McEnroe through ESPN on Tuesday, “Unfortunately, after feeling a bit under the weather, I tested positive for COVID. I’m watching the U.S. Open from home and can’t wait to get back to work soon.”

John McEnroe could miss US Open coverage after testing positive for COVID-19

In the release, there is no real timeline for McEnroe‘s return. The US Open, of course, is two weeks long, and possibly McEnroe is ready to return by the final weekend. The tournament wraps with the men’s final at 4 pm ET on September 10th. It’s conceivable that McEnroe is able to return by this.

Of course, the main thing is just that he is able to rest and get well. He wouldn’t want to rush back and put players and his co-workers at risk of catching COVID as well. While there is no real way to parse his words about returning, that John McEnroe said he is watching the tournament from home makes it sound as if he won’t be back to cover the 2023 US Open.

As a player, McEnroe won four US Open. He was a seven-time Grand Slam champion overall. Oddly, ESPN decided to not use McEnroe in their coverage for the Australian Open earlier this year. Instead, McEnroe worked as part of Eurosport’s coverage.

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