Way-too-soon predictions for tennis’ 2024 Grand Slams

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While the tennis season isn’t yet over – we still have about two months to go – the last of the Grand Slam tournaments are done for 2023. Novak Djokovic had a fantastic 2023 and won three majors. Coco Gauff finished the year strong and looks like the best player on the WTA tour currently.

We know in 2024 that Rafael Nadal will return but that will be his final year. How much longer will Djokovic play? And how many more majors will Coco Gauff win?

What follows are likely silly predictions for what will happen in 2024. Will Djokovic enhance his number of Grand Slams? Will Gauff win a few more? Here are some guesses.

Guesses for what happens in the tennis Grand Slams for 2024

Australian Open (January 15 through 28)

On the men’s side, Novak Djokovic has owned (tennis overall?) the Australian Open every year he has been allowed to play (he was forced to miss 2022 after not being vaccinated for COVID) since 2018. He’s won the tournament 10 times in total. 10! That is four more times than any other player. He’ll get a challenge from Carlos Alcaraz, but Djokovic is almost as dominant at this tourney as any player at any other tourney.

Prediction: Novak Djokovic over Carlos Alcaraz in five sets

On the women’s side, there has been no repeat champion since 2013 when Victoria Azarenka won in back-to-back years starting in 2012. Current world number 1 Aryna Sabalenka was the most recent winner and before that, the winner was Ash Barty. How long ago does it feel that Barty even played?

Prediction: Coco Gauff over Madison Keys in three sets

French Open (May 27 through June 9)

How weird is it to read that Djokovic has won two of the last three French Opens? Most know that he has won more tennis Grand Slams in history on the men’s side (24), but that he has won the French more recently as well seems somewhat shocking. I don’t think he will win in 2024, however, as this would be a dream swansong for Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros.

Prediction: Nadal over Casper Ruud in straight sets

On the women’s side, as much as one might think Iga Swiatek is falling by the proverbial wayside, she is still really good and she lately owns this major. Swiatek has won three of the past four French Opens and the tennis phenom has won the last two. Why not this one as well?

Prediction: Swiatek over Coco Gauff in three sets

Wimbledon (July 1 through 14)

What a false turning point this was in men’s tennis. We – or at least, I – assumed that Carlos Alcaraz had finally vanquished Novak Djokovic and that Alcaraz would own tennis for years. But no. He hasn’t won a tournament since and Djokovic won the most recent major. Let’s hope, though, we see another Djokovic and Alcaraz final in 2024, too.

Prediction: Alcaraz over Djokovic in four sets

Like the Aussie Open, the women’s champions at Wimbledon have changed every year for a while. The last repeat winner was Serena Williams in 2015 and 2016. Ons Jabeur has at least lost the last two Wimbledon finals. No offense to her, but at least there’s some consistency.

Prediction: Ons Jabeur over Elena Rybakina in three sets

US Open (August 26 through September 8)

So as much as I have talked about the women’s champions changing quite a bit at major tournaments, the US Open is a complete wild card for both men’s and women’s tennis. The last repeat champion at the US Open was Roger Federer in 2008 (Federer dominated the US Open from 2004 through 2008). Other players have won more than once since 2008, but never consecutively.

Prediction: Daniil Medvedev in four sets over Carlos Alcaraz

The last time there was a repeat US Open winner on the women’s side was 2014 (Serena Williams again!). But Coco Gauff is playing some fantastic tennis and seems to have figured out how to be a long-term great. She is poised and calm and that is important in high-level tennis. Why not be the first repeat champion at the US Open in nine years?

Prediction: Coco Gauff over Aryna Sabalenka in three sets

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