Serena Williams mocks Kim Kardashian’s lack of tennis skills

(Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Style360)
(Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Style360) /

Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian are friends. So let me start with that. Because if you didn’t know they were friends and saw on social media that Serena Williams blasted Kim Kardashian’s lack of tennis skills then you might think Serena doesn’t like Kim. But, still.

The fact is that many of us tennis players who will never accomplish anything other than winning our city’s men’s B singles title two years in a row (my greatest sporting achievement, by the way) spend more time working on our racquet grip than we should. But honestly, doesn’t it just have to be right? The grip matters and anyone seeing us work on our racquet hold is just embarrassing.

But Kim Kardashian wasn’t embarrassed in a photo she posted on Instagram where she is somewhat holding a racquet on a tennis court while wearing a pink dress and walking with her back turned toward us toward the net. Nor should she be. She wasn’t playing tennis at the time. At least, I assume she wasn’t.

Serena Williams jokingly scolds Kim Kardashian for racquet hold

But Serena Williams noticed the post and responded by saying, “Literally not how you hold a racquet. I have to give you lessons lol.” Of course, Serena Williams is correct as the way Kardashian is holding the racquet is something you would not teach young tennis players. Like, ever.

Serena Williams has young kids, too. But she and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, clearly have taught their six-year-old, Olympia, the correct way to hold a racquet. In a post by Ohanian, Olympia already looks ready to challenge her mother’s 23 Grand Slams. Definitely cannot rule that out, for sure.

Of course, if Serena and Kim Kardashian were to play a singles match, I am sure millions would watch. Just an idea, WTA. You know, if you need one.

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