Tennis News: Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Yubin and Kwon Soon Woo

(Photo by Manuel Queimadelos/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
(Photo by Manuel Queimadelos/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

You wanted more Rafael Nadal and you will be getting more Rafael Nadal. But you already knew that, right? The Spanish great will be making 2024 his last voyage around the tennis globe and one can only hope that he will win a couple of more tournaments with possibly one of those being the French Open. A place Nadal has seemingly won 450 times.

Nadal shared on social media this week one of the first looks at his return. In the post, Nadal is practicing and striking the ball well (of course!) and looks fit enough to play tomorrow, if need be. His current planned return tournament is the 2024 Australian Open in January. While Nadal won’t be the favorite to win the first major of 2024, he very likely will be the fan favorite.

Nadal isn’t likely ever to catch up to Novak Djokovic’s number of career Grand Slams of 24 now, but Nadal winning the French and then saying post-match, “I’m done! Goodnight!” would be extremely fitting. Let’s hope he stays healthy enough to play.

Rafael Nadal and Ash Barty both could be returning soon

Another tennis great who has taken a long time off might be returning too, however. In a recent Instagram post, Barty is dressed as if she is ready to play on the WTA tour while hitting the ball with children. The caption read, “Comeback?!” Of course, the former WTA number 1 might just be having a bit of fun with fans, but according to New Idea, a “tennis insider” says that Barty knows it’s “now or never” to return.

Barty is only 27 years old and could conceivably play many more years if she so wished. But she chose to take time off for her family and maybe she doesn’t want to come back. But everybody else seems to be making a comeback (Rafael Nadal…Caroline Wozniacki), so why shouldn’t Ash Barty?

Yubin and Kwon Soon Woo break up

Sadly, Yubin and Kwon Soon Woo are no more. Oh, I don’t mean anything horrific has happened to them, only that they have decided to part ways. Kwon Soon Woo is currently ranked 117 on the ATP tour, but he has won two ATP titles, including Adelaide 2 at the beginning of this year. Yubin, of course, has been part of K-pop superstars Wonder Girls.

Supposedly the two remain good friends, but that likely has to be said. They did unfollow each other on Instagram and deleted the photos of the two of them. So, you know…good luck to them both, I guess.

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