Daria Kasatkina and Andrey Rublev insanely overreact for different reasons

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Andrey Rublev off the court is a funny person who most other players seem to genuinely like. He is notoriously good friends with fellow Russian Daniil Medvedev. But on the court Andrey Rublev many times has issues controlling his emotions. He gets extremely angry with himself and that affects his game.

Against Carlos Alcaraz at the ATP Finals on Wednesday, Rublev was hanging around for much of the first set until a late break of his serve set up Alcaraz to take the set. A line call late in the set seemed to miff Rublev and one watching the match could see he was struggling to keep his composure.

In the second set, though, he had a complete meltdown as he began to lose any control of the match and he began hitting his knee with his racket over and over. This caused his knee to start bleeding, but he played on all the same. On Amazon Prime, match commentator Greg Rusedski said, “Rublev lost his mind. He went absolutely fruit and nuts.”

The sad part is that Rublev literally only hurts himself with his meltdowns, but he is also being watched by young fans who might see how he acts as something normal. It isn’t. Hopefully, Andrey Rublev finds the right team around him to help with his uncontrolled outbursts.

Andrey Rublev and Daria Kasatkina need to remain a bit more calm

Daria Kasatkina, the No. 18 ranked player on the WTA player, will be part of the lineup for an exhibition event from December 2 through 3 called the MGM Macau Tennis Masters. Kasatkina is one of many players who have complained about the tennis schedule and how players don’t get enough time off for rest and to work on their games.

After the announcement that Kasatkina would be part of the exhibition, some on X responded that they found it interesting that Kasatkina would take part even though she had issues with the schedule. The implication is that a player complains about the schedule until they are offered a payday and then their attitude changes.

Social media can be toxic and sometimes comments are made to bait others into an argument. Kasatkina took the bait. For future reference, the word “tiresome” seems to trigger Kasatkina. Case in point:

Telling a fan to “get a life” is not cool, though. Part of their life is watching tennis players like Kasatkina. Kasatkina overreacted and should have just turned away from her own X account that maybe she is spending “24/7” on because she happened to notice the comment.

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