Actress Anne Hathaway gushes about her favorite tennis player

Hathaway says tennis is her favorite sport

After working as a consultant on the upcoming tennis-themed Challengers movie, Brad Gilbert, a former player and current coach and television analyst, recently pointed out that entertainers and tennis players have a lot in common. They tend to begin training their minds and bodies at a young age. It can be a solitary existence that does not involve the traditional coming-of-age rituals like attending in-person school and hanging out with friends.

This could explain why Hollywood A-list actresses have been tennis fans for years. Academy Award winners have also been on this list. Charlize Theron is a regular at live tennis events, and Anne Hathaway is a huge tennis fan. Recently, Hatthway was asked about her favorite sport and athlete in that sport, and she could not stop talking about tennis and gushing over her favorite player.

Hathaway has attended the US Open so she has had a chance to watch live professional tennis which fans should do if given the opportunity because it gives a newfound appreciation into the speed and athleticism required to compete on the ATP and WTA Tours regardless of a player's ranking.

Who is Anne Hathaway's favorite player?

Hathaway is not alone in her admiration for her favorite player, Jannik Sinner. She believes he "understands tennis on a natural level." Hathaway also likes his personality and demeanor both on and off the tennis court. She is in awe of how well he played to grab his maiden Grand Slam, the 2024 Australian Open.

She is not wrong. There is so much to like about Sinner. He carries himself with class and maturity beyond his years. Sinner played his best tennis this winter and though his winning streak was recently snapped, many expect him to compete for Grand Slams, Olympic medals, and the World No. 1 ranking in 2024 and beyond.

Sinner continues to attract new fans but also has his tried-and-true Carota Boys who are donned in orange and at every live tennis event he plays around the world. He embraces his success, fans, and all that comes with being a professional tennis player with grace and humility. No wonder Anne Hathaway (and other tennis fans) cannot stop gushing over him.

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