Andy Murray lives!: Defeats Tomas Martin Etcheverry at the Miami Open

Murray is through to the third round.

Al Bello/GettyImages

Andy Murray is going to retire soon. Or he isn't. Either way, the decision is up to him, of course. But just when tennis fans might think the Scot is done and over, he finds a way to surprise us. Murray winning a match at all is almost a surprise at this point, but we can also temper that with the fact that he is capable of winning any given match.

Murray has proven that is his career, of course. He has won three Grand Slams and that number would probably be much higher if he had not played in an era with Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic. Plus, he clearly loves the sport as much as any fan could. That makes us pull for him even more at times.

But Andy Murray might give us a huge surprise at the Miami Open. He defeated 25th-seed Tomas Martin Etcheverry in the second round after Murray defeated Matteo Berrettini in round one. Did many of us at this point expect Murray to beat Berrettini? Likely not. And few of us thought he would defeat a seeded player.

Andy Murray through to the third round of the Miami Open

And yet, Murray did not just defeat Etcheverry, but he swept the match in straight sets 7-6(7) 6-3. Maybe there is no chance for Andy Murray to win in the third round but he does have a winnable match against Tomas Machac. Maybe that is part of the problem, however. Just when we think Murray won't win in Miami, he does. If we think he should, such as against Machac, he might not.

The point is that we should hope Murray wins. He probably will not have many chances to win a major, if any chances left, but if Murray can be victorious at the end of any event, that would be great. Is he going to win the Miami Open? Probably not.

But Murray has done what he can to move on to round three where he faces an opponent he might almost be favored against. That's a scary thought, though. Murray is mostly an underdog now, so losing a match he should win might seem disappointing.

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