Andy Murray gets slammed by Swifties after ridiculous Taylor Swift Super Bowl tweet

Murray posted a social media reaction to the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.
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Andy Murray, what did you do? The tennis great decided to be cheeky - not the first time as Murray is known for having a wry sense of humor - after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. One person that the victory made happy was pop star Taylor Swift. But Murray took to X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) to congratulate Swift on the Super Bowl win and not the Chiefs.

This, of course, caused Swifties everywhere to take umbrage with Murray's tweet. Sad. Murray was simply being intentionally ridiculous. But the tweet was pretty funny not because he simply said congrats to Swift, but how he phrased the end of the tweet. He also tagged the pop diva in the post.

Murray's full tweet said, "Congrats to @taylorswift13 on winning Super Bowl 58 (followed by a handclap emoji) a stunning performance." The "stunning performance" part is what makes the post hilarious. Taylor Swift obviously did not perform in the game and Andy Murray knows that.

Swifties get angry at Andy Murray for his tweet involving Taylor Swift

But the reactions to his tweet were mostly unfunny and missed the whole point of Murray's sarcasm. Murray was not making fun of Swift nor saying anything untoward about Swift's relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Maybe Murray was making fun of most of the world who has been caught up in the NFL (Taylor's Version) but that makes Murray's tweet even funnier.

Does Murray give an opinion about Swift being shown on camera during the game or anything like that? Not at all. But you would not know that from Swifties reactions.

Here is how Murray's post appears:

But here is how some Swifties reacted. (Again, Murray sends out a simple unopinionated post into the interwebs. I think many missed his point of which there intentional was none.)

No, Taco King X. You calm down. Plus, why bring Murray's mom into the conversation?

Again with Murray's mother? What is wrong with people. Murray did not attack Taylor Swift.

Um, what? DavidEng went full sexist with his tweet. What does Murray's tweet have to do with gender? And yes, DavidEng, Murray was being sarcastic. I guess DavidEng missed a bunch of school days or he simply is not very smart.

Again, Mr. Bhatt, Murray's tweet is clearly sarcasm. There is far too many people who take things literally in the world. He was just having fun.

Yeah, no idea about this one. Who should go win the election? Murray, who is not an American citizen, or Swift? At least makes sense in your tweets, Shilpa Godbole.

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