Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa are reunited, and it feels so good

'Sabadosa' is spotted together comparing their abs in a gym selfie
GLYN KIRK/GettyImages

Women's tennis's favorite BFFs are together again. Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa, better known as "Sabadosa" recently took a gym selfie and posted it to social media. Long before Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas's "Tsitsidosa" was a thing, Badosa and Sabalenka rocked the internet with their laughter and funny photos.

In the gym selfie posted by Sabalenka, she asks who has the best abs and if the two look alike. The ab contest is too close to call, and they do resemble each other.

Sabalenka recently admitted that she is grateful for her friendship with Badosa. She said: "I'm happy that I have such a friend like Paula. She's the best. I love this girl. I think we're kind of similar."

Sabalenka calls Badosa her WTA Tour "soulmate"

Sabalenka seems silly and approachable, but according to her, that was not always the case. She described herself as closed off to friendships, but the connection with Badosa her WTA Tour "soulmate" has changed that.

Winning her maiden Grand Slam at the 2023 Australian Open has taken the pressure off of Sabalenka. Prior to that, there were questions about her nerves, serve, and her game in tense high-stakes situation. She did not look like she was enjoying herself on the court. As a two-time Grand Slam champion, she seems to have a healthier perspective. In earlier years, she may have appeared to berate herself for an error, now she is sometimes able to laugh a mistake off. It is a wonderful change and evolution in Sabalenka's mental and physical state.

Our wish is for her friend Paula Badosa to stay healthy and on the court to deliver the high quality tennis we know she is capable of. The back injury severely limited her in 2023, and fans would love to see her make a run at a Grand Slam in 2024 and repeat as the Indian Wells champion, a title she won in 2021.

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