Back to the Future: sons of Lindsay Davenport and Lleyton Hewitt compete in Australian Open juniors main draw

Teenagers Jagger Leach and Cruz Hewitt are keeping it all in the family and working on their games

Lindsay Davenport and Lleyton Hewitt's sons are continuing in the family business of tennis. Jagger Leach, 16, and Cruz Hewitt, 15, are competing in the Australian Open juniors competition. This is not the first time we see children picking up the game from their parents. Petr Korda, Sebastian Korda, Bryan Shelton, and Ben Shelton are recent examples, but the difference is that Davenport and Hewitt are former World No. 1s and Grand Slam champions.

Leach credits Madison Keys with helping him to understand the intricacies of professional tennis. When he was growing up, Davenport and her husband Jon Leach were coaching Keys so he had a first-hand perspective of the sport.

Cruz Hewitt has had similar exposure to the sport. His father has been the Australian team captain in Davis Cup and United Cup team events. The younger Hewitt has been more than an idle spectator for years; he was learning from the pros at a young age.

Lindsay Davenport and Lleyton Hewitt are proud of their boys, Jagger Leach and Cruz Hewitt

Win or lose, both Davenport and Hewitt are proud of their boys. They recognize that there could be additional pressure on them because of their parents' successes. In both cases, the parents try to keep the boys grounded and supported in their tennis journeys.

Tennis fans have a lot to look forward to in the years to come as these boys refine their games. In the meantime, their parents stay active in the game. Davenport is a Tennis Channel commentator and assumes the role of Billie Jean King Cup captain for the USA team in 2024. Hewitt has never drifted far from tennis since he retired and serves as a captain and cheerleader for Australian tennis whenever he is called upon.

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