BBC reporter gets backlash for his recent article about Andy Murray

Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, and Rennae Stubbs respond to BBC Scotland's Kheredine Idessane on social media
Andy Cheung/GettyImages

BBC Scotland's Kheredine Idessane recently wrote an article asking when three-time Grand Slam champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Andy Murray should retire. While Idessane said that Murray has earned the right to decide when he retires, he spent the remainder of the article describing his recent results and questioning whether Murray is tarnishing his legacy by continuing.

Many believed the article was inappropriate. It is Murray's business when he chooses to retire, and he does not owe it to anyone outside of his family to share when that will happen.

Murray saw the article and took to social media to respond to Idessane. He acknowledged that he has not played well, and others might quit in this circumstance, but he said that he "will keep fighting to produce the performances I am capable of." Murray's friends and fans came to his defense.

Andy Roddick and Rennae Stubbs defended Murray

Andry Roddick called the article "dumb." He was astonished at the brashness of this reporter to tell "an accomplished iconic adult" when and how to work. Roddick concluded his post by saying "Can't take a legacy away. Accomplishment lives forever."

Rennae Stubbs told Murray that she loved him. She reminded him that guys like Idessane are getting "paid by the word" though that does not mean the words are good ones.

Murray's fans also responded to the post by telling him to play as long as he wants and enjoys the sport. Others told him to ignore Idessane's words and do not give him any attention.

Sports reporters have become more opinionated in recent years. ESPN has hours of shows of analysts and former athletes critiquing people, teams, and games. What happened to reporting what happened on the court or field and keeping opinions to a minimum? Athletes deserve respect; they are people with feelings and emotions too.

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