Carlos Alcaraz unleashes retort to Andy Roddick's recent critical comments

Roddick recently spoke about a potential Alcaraz weakness.
Shi Tang/GettyImages

Recently, Andy Roddick made some critical comments about Carlos Alcaraz. Mind you, Roddick is a nice guy who just began a very good podcast but he does like to give his opinions. He words his thoughts in a way to not be overly biting or mean, however. Roddick's words about Alcaraz were not mean-spirited and based on the knowledge Roddick gained from being one of the best players on the ATP tour for many years.

What Roddick said about Alcaraz was that while the young Spaniard is a fantastic player, possibly a bit too aggressive, but that his serve has not "really improved much at all in the last two years." Alcaraz does not truly rely on his serve to win matches but instead relies on his excellent shot-making and ability to get to almost every ball on the court.

Alcaraz, though, felt the need to respond to what Roddick said. To be fair, Alcaraz is still learning how to form his answers to tough questions or criticism of him. He has never been one to get easily angered, but he cannot be used to negative critique. He has been too successful at an early age to be overly criticized.

Carlos Alcaraz disagrees with an Andy Roddick observation

But when asked about Roddick's comments, Alcaraz told Ole, "I feel that the serve is something that I have improved a lot, but I have to continue improving...I repeat I have improved a lot, but I actually have to continue improving and I still have a lot to do. The reality is that I feel very confident, with a good level, I come from playing well in Australia, I had good training on clay and physically I am very well, at a very high level of tennis."

A good politician could not have given a better answer. Not only did Alcaraz absorb what Roddick said, and almost slightly agree with the former ATP No. 1, but the Spaniard overall refuted the thought his serve has not improved and turned his answer into the more general, "I am playing very well overall." That Alcaraz added the, "I repeat...," part means he very much disagreed with Roddick.

Maybe Roddick can have Carlos Alcaraz on his podcast and the two can debate the issue. I am sure the conversation would be a friendly one. Still, tennis fans would likely glean a lot of information from the talk.

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