Chris Evert shouts out praise for Nick Kyrgios on social media

Evert took to X to show Kyrgios some appreciation.
Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Chris Evert is all class. No matter if she is criticizing someone or heaping praise on another, her thoughts are usually well-formed and not knee-jerk reactions to something. Nick Kyrgios, however, can be a lot more off-the-cuff and bracing. One either likes Nick Kyrgios or they do not. Nearly everyone should like Chris Evert because, well...why would you not like her?

Both Evert and Kyrgios are excellent commentators on tennis as well. Evert has been so for decades now. She offers measured commentary and excellent observations based on years of experience of winning Grand Slams and other titles. She knows of what she speaks as she has lived through it all.

Nick Kyrgios has never won a Grand Slam, rarely plays anymore, and does not seem all that inclined to want to play. Still, and almost surprisingly, when he started commentating during matches for the Tennis Channel during the ATP Finals in November, he was fantastic. Sure, he had a bit of a learning curve on when to speak, but he mastered that rather quickly and was entertaining to listen to.

Chris Evert appreciates Nick Kyrgios and so should we

In fact, Kyrgios almost seems like he would be more fun to listen to during matches than to watch him play one. While playing, he screams at his player's box, gets upset with himself, and often disrupts the flow of matches. Clearly, none of this happens when he is calling a match.

This is probably why before the Australian Open began this week, Chris Evert took to X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) to tweet out some love for Kyrgios calling matches during the first Grand Slam. Evert wrote, "So happy to be listening to your insights @NickKyrgios." That is one great player showing appreciation for a player who has not achieved greatness, but who might end up being a great long-term commentator.

And to be honest, I will tune into a match if I know Kyrgios is commentating. He is an awesome listen.

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