Chris Evert tweets the absolutely perfect response to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Evert noticed Swift's understated move after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens.
Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Chris Evert seems full of class, taking the high road when many would not, and giving more praise than criticism. To be fair, Taylor Swift appears to be a lot like Evert. Both women understand when the focus of a room is on them and when the focus should be directed elsewhere.

Maybe some people do not think this about Taylor Swift, however. Some NFL fans see the music megastar as grabbing the attention of the television camera while Swift is watching her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play for the Kansas City Chiefs. But Swifties would probably like to point out that their hero is not in control of the television broadcast and should the camera point in her direction she has no way of turning them away.

But after the Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game this past weekend, Swift stood on the field with Travis Kelce as Travis stood next to his brother, Jason. (Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles but was at the game to root for his brother.) The focal point of the moment was on the Kelce brothers and not on Travis's girlfriend.

Chris Evert calls Taylor Swift "awesome" in recent social media post

Instead of standing in the way, Swift simply slipped away quietly and behind a few people in the crowd and let the Kelce brothers have their moment. That was the right thing to do. Chris Evert knew that as well.

Evert took to social media to tweet her thoughts on the understated move and said of Taylor Swift, "She’s (Kelce) his space" and followed that with the hashtag "much respect." Again, there are few people more classy than Evert, and when one gets her respect that is meaningful.

But if Evert calls a person "awesome" that is extra special. That means that the person has done something special or unselfish. And such was the act by Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce after another Kansas City Chiefs win.

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