Coco Gauff's competitiveness appears to extend to a book challenge

Gauff does not like to lose but the need to win seems to go beyond the tennis courts and extends into all areas of her life.
Coco Gauff at the Berlin Open
Coco Gauff at the Berlin Open / Robert Prange/GettyImages

Coco Gauff is 20 years old. She has won a Grand Slam event and she is likely to be a staple among the top three on the WTA for many years to come. She always seemingly plays with poise and calm even when a bad line call is made against her. But one thing should be made clear: Coco Gauff does not like to lose. At anything.

That includes a recent challenge of reading 24 books in 12 months that Gauff and her boyfriend have. Just like keeping score on the court, Gauff knows how many books she has read and how many her boyfriend has read. She said during the Berlin Open that she is two books ahead currently. Again, she does not like to lose.

One might wonder how Gauff has any time to do anything other than practice tennis, play tennis (both in singles and doubles), and then answer reporters' questions. Oh, there is also the bit about needing to do what sponsors need her to do. She makes money that way as well. So little time, and yet so many books.

Coco Gauff is not one to be challenged

One thing that Gauff could not keep track of was which tournaments she played in last year. While making a deep run at the Berlin Open, Gauff defeated Ekaterina Alexandrova in the round of 16. At the same event in 2023, Gauff lost to Alexandrova. After this year's match, the American had no recollection of that. She still found a way to praise an opponent she had just beaten, though.

Gauff asked in a post-match on-court interview after being asked about the 2023 match, "I played her here last year?" The reporter confirmed she had played Alexandrova but lost. To which Gauff said, "Oh, well, I don't remember."

Gauff then started laughing before continuing, "I didn't remember, so obviously I wasn't thinking about it. I'm a different player from last year. She's a great player to play on, especially on grass... She usually wins a couple of titles on grass, so I knew today would be tough."

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As far as the book challenge, however, Gauff did remember that. She told reporters, "When he said he would read 24, I got super competitive and doubled my goal to match his and I like trying to finish faster than him. I'm two books ahead, so I'm winning right now."

The bottom line is probably don't try to challenge Coco Gauff in anything whether that be tennis or book reading. One is likely to lose to her.

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