Danielle Collins' farewell tour is everything we wish Rafael Nadal's could be

Collins is feisty, free-flowing, and winning big in her final year of professional tennis
Mateo Villalba/GettyImages

I am a Danielle Collins and a Rafael Nadal fan, and while there is no comparison in the success they experienced in their careers, we can compare their farewell tours. Danielle Collins is having an epic farewell, and Nadal's is far from it.

Collins is currently on a 15-match winning streak. She is hitting the ball with the swagger of a woman with nothing to lose. Collins also lets people know it in the stands if they are disrespectful. Her ability to play at a high level and keep the fans in check puts her farewell tour at the top of the list among athletes in all sports.

Nadal's farewell tour is far removed from this. Nadal's peak playing career was filled with these moments, so the gas tank is close to empty for him physically. The age difference between the two (Collins is 30, and Nadal is 37) certainly contributes to how things are going on the court.

Wouldn't it be great if Nadal had Collins's farewell tour?

Nadal's farewell has been a precautionary tale filled with stops and starts. He has an abbreviated serving motion to protect his abdominals from further injury. There are glorious glimpses of vintage Rafa..

Of course, any time Nadal steps on the court in 2024 is a blessing, especially on clay. It is too bad he has to worry about what he cannot control after winning matches such as how his body will recover or feel the next day.

Fans used to revel in seeing Nadal go the distance in best of three or five set matches, but now, we want him to win quickly and get off the court to rest for the next match.

Worst of all, we do not know if we will get our Roland Garros moment with Nadal. He deserves a French Open for the ages in 2024, but he admits that he is uncertain if he can play in the tournament he dominated for a generation.

Even the Olympics are up in the air for him. In comparison, Collins will leave the game playing her best tennis in her final year. She has been the most surprising and exciting story of 2024, and fans hope that an elusive Grand Slam is within her reach before she calls it a career. Nadal's ending is more bittersweet while Collins's is sweet and savory.

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