Domestic assault case shelved against Alexander Zverev

Hours ahead of his semifinal match at the French Open, Zverev learned his domestic assault case had been closed.
Alexander Zverev at French Open
Alexander Zverev at French Open / Christian Liewig - Corbis/GettyImages

Alexander Zverev had always maintained his innocence in a domestic assault case brought against him by his former girlfriend Brenda Patea. As far as the German courts are concerned, the ATP No. 4 will remain innocent. This is because the attorneys for both parties agreed to a settlement on Friday that will close the case.

Zverev will reportedly pay 200,000 euros to Patea as part of the settlement. That equates to $217,820. The tennis star's attorney stated that Zverev decided to settle with the dollar amount so that the case could be closed more quickly in the interest of the child that Zverev and Patea share. The two had a child in 2021 after they had parted ways.

The agreement to close the case also likely means the ATP will not pursue any discipline against the German. This could have been as much as removing him from the Player's Council. In a different charge against Zverev by a different ex-girlfriend, the ATP looked into the matter but decided to take no action due to a lack of evidence.

Alexander Zverev settles domestic assault case

All of this means that Zverev's case is not in the background for him and he can focus on his semifinal match against Casper Ruud at the French Open. As far as the court of public opinion, not much might have changed as Zverev has had two accusations against him, neither of which he has been found guilty of in a court of law.

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Most tennis fans have not seemingly voiced their displeasure of Zverev during his matches, however.

The German has had a very good year as far as tennis goes, including his current run at Roland Garros. He also won the Masters 1000 Italian Open as a lead-up to the French Open. He also defeated Rafael Nadal in the first round of the event.

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