Emma Raducanu makes decision that ends Andy Murray's Wimbledon career

Raducanu and Murray were scheduled to play mixed doubles at Wimbledon. That will now not be happening.
Andy Murray at Wimbledon 2024
Andy Murray at Wimbledon 2024 / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Andy Murray's Wimbledon career is done. He certainly did not go out the way he expected and he won't be losing (or winning) a match with Emma Raducanu. The two were scheduled to play mixed doubles. Tennis fans did not get the chance to watch Murray play singles one last time because he had recent back surgery and did not feel fit enough to play.

The Brit, though, did play men's doubles with his brother Jamie though they lost early and bounced out of the tournament. At the end of that match, Murray rightfully teared up as he knew his career, in general, would be coming to a close soon, but he was almost certainly done at the grass-court major. He and his fans thought he would step on the grass courts at least once more when he played mixed doubles with Raducanu.

Raducanu, though, decided she could not participate in mixed doubles as when she woke up on Saturday her wrist was "sore." She did have surgery on both wrists in 2023, and she likely feels her run in singles is more important than mixed doubles. Many tennis fans won't view it that way, though.

Emma Raducanu's surprising withdrawal from mixed doubles ends Andy Murray's Wimbledon career

Instead of going out with a proverbial bang of his tennis racket, Murray's time at Wimbledon ends with a thud. His mother, Judy, said Raducanu's decision to pull out of playing with Murray was "astonishing."

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With Emma Raducanu, however, things get a bit complicated. She is a professional tennis player after all and not simply a crutch for a notable moment at the end of Andy Murray's career. She is still playing in singles and playing well. Her wrist has had a history of being injured. Is playing in a special match with Murray more important than staying healthy for her own success? For Raducanu, yes.

Again, many tennis fans will not agree with Raducanu and might see her withdrawal as more not wanting to play mixed doubles. People can be overly harsh at times. If Raducanu is hurt, let's hope the issue is not too bad and she can continue her run at Wimbledon. Andy Murray will never play the Grand Slam again.

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