French Open tournament director Amelie Mauresmo talks about Rafael Nadal sendoff

Mauresmo addresses whether Nadal will be honored at this year's tournament
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Let's be honest. Most of the world wants 14-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal to recapture the magic in 2024 and win his 15th title at Roland Garros. His challenge is mighty with a first-round match against accomplished clay courter Alexander Zverev who pushed Nadal to the limit before suffering his tragic injury in their 2022 French Open quarterfinal match.

Zverev is more match fit and ready to go the distance so Nadal getting out of the first round is far from a sure bet. The fans will be on his side and doing everything possible to lift his game and energy to victory.

If Nadal loses, fans wonder if a presentation is planned for him. The tournament set a precedent by giving Dominic Thiem a trophy when he lost in the qualifiers. Amelie Mauresmo, French Open tournament director, recently answered this question.

What Amelie Mauresmo said about Rafael Nadal

Mauresmo made it clear that the tournament would plan something when Nadal walks away from the game. Since Nadal has given mixed signals about whether is indeed his final French Open, Mauresmo said it will not happen this year.

Nadal does not know how much gas is left in the tank, and playing in the 2024 French Open will tell him all that he needs to know about continuing to play beyond this year at Roland Garros.

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He is a legend no matter what he decides. Fans will line up to see him play on clay until he is 40 years old if he chooses to go that route.

It would feel odd to plan a presentation for him at this year's tournament on the heels of losing a match anyway. Nadal is the ultimate competitor who will need time to decompress if he loses at Roland Garros this year.

In this case, Amelie Mauresmo and the French Open are handling the situation properly. Give Nadal big props when he is officially done and not one minute before. Those props should include renaming a stadium or something on the ground after him. His own statue is not enough to celebrate his massive legacy.

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