Grigor Dimitrov proves again he is one of the best people on the ATP tour

Dimitrov played in the quarterfinals of the Open 13 on Friday.
Kelly Defina/GettyImages

Grigor Dimitrov is reportedly one of the best-liked players on the ATP tour. This is easy to believe as he always seems to play passionately but with class and never seems to have a mean word to say about anyone. He also counts among his friends Novak Djokovic because Dimitrov does not seem to get caught up in petty jealousies on the tennis court. He understands there are more important things than tennis.

Dimitrov, for instance, began his Grigor Dimitrov Foundation several years ago to help children in his native Bulgaria try to escape economic hardships and have access to better medical care. Besides his foundation, though, Dimitrov has a long history of charity work. The best part? He doesn't talk about his work much; he just does it.

Kind of like what happened Friday after Dimitrov's quarterfinal match against Arthur Rinderknech. Dimitrov won the match in straight sets to make it to Saturday's semifinals. During the match, a physically impaired fan was demonstrably cheering for the player. Post-match Dimitrov, though, did not simply tip his cap to the fan and move on.

Grigor Dimitrov does a good thing

After the match ended, Dimitrov literally climbed the stands to get to the fan so that the fan would be able to take a photo with the player. Dimitrov even gave the fan a souvenir. He did not have to do anything, but that what he did was more than most players - nee, humans - would have done in his situation.

But he also clearly did not climb the stands to meet the fan because Dimitrov thought it would be a photo opportunity for himself. He clearly does not think about such things. Instead, he did so because it was a good thing to do.

Novak Djokovic also shared the moment on Instagram. Not because Djokovic wanted to steal Dimitrov's moment but because Djokovic wanted to showcase what a good person his friend is. Not that Dimitrov would see it that way, most likely. Dimitrov just wanted to show some love to a fan who supported him.

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