Holger Rune throws shade at Boris Becker over Patrick Mouratoglou question

Becker took to social media to ask about Rune's current coach and the Dane shot back.
Boris Becker and Holger Rune at the ATP Finals
Boris Becker and Holger Rune at the ATP Finals / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Holger Rune is an interesting young player. He has all the skills to be great and consistently in the top five of the ATP rankings. He has already reached a career-high of No. 4. But he is also maddeningly inconsistent and seems to get in his own way far too much.

That inconsistency stretches into keeping coaches as well. The Dane has gone through more coaches over the last year than Harry Potter went through Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. For Rune, this includes hiring Boris Becker from last October until February of this year as well as hiring another coach, Severin Luthi who only stuck around from last December to the end of this past December.

Rune must have thought going back to a former coach was the wisest move. Patrick Mouratoglou coached Rune from October 2022 through August 2023 and the Dane had his biggest win - he took the trophy at the Paris Masters in 2022 - of his career with Mouratoglou. The Dane and the coach reunited this past February.

Holger Rune having none of Boris Becker's question about Patrick Mouratoglou

Becker posted an odd question on social media prior to Wimbledon 2024 beginning. He asked if Mouratoglou was still working with Rune and why the coach was not at Wimbledon with the player. The query was odd for two reasons.

One is that which tournaments Mouratoglou travels with Rune to is none of Becker's business. The player and the coach will each know the player's future schedule and will work out a plan about how to work those events into the coach's schedule. Mouratoglou is likely one of the busiest coaches in tennis, and he also has his own tennis academy.

Next. Some older players had great starts at Wimbledon 2024. Some older players had great starts at Wimbledon 2024. dark

The other reason Boris Becker's question was odd was that had he still been coaching Rune, the German could not have been with the player at Wimbledon either. Becker, due to serving prison time for hiding £2.5m of assets and loans in a bankruptcy fraud case, is not allowed to visit the UK. As Wimbledon takes place in London, Becker could not have traveled there to help Rune.

Rune was having none of Becker's question, however. The player also shed some light on the fact that he and Becker still text each other and the Dane found offense that the German would ask about Mouratoglou's absence on social media instead of asking Rune directly.

Rune said in his X/Twitter response to Becker's post, "Super strange you don’t ask me this question directly as we text together about other stuff. The answer to your question is yes we work together. Sharing the tournaments between us as planned."

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