Iga Swiatek reveals she avoids social media due to all the 'hate'

The WTA No. 1 said one thing we all know and can all agree with.
Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Iga Swiatek is a megastar. Or at least she should be. But many current megastars also like to use social media to keep in the public eye. Whether one is a musician, an athlete, or a businessperson, they are also packaged and sold by sponsors who endorse whatever they do. WTA No. 1 Swiatek might be a tennis star, but she is also a brand.

But as we likely all know, social media apps such as TikTok. Facebook, and X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) can be cesspools of toxicity as well. It is easy to sit in front of a computer screen typing anonymously away and expressing cruel thoughts toward someone they do not know. That's the downside of social media, and Iga Swiatek knows all too well how it can affect one's mental health.

In a recent interview with the PZU Group, a Polish insurance company, Swiatek, who is Polish, said that during tennis' short offseason, she might play around on the internet more. But during the season? Not so much. And that has little to do with preparing for matches.

Iga Swiatek speaks out about the "hate" on social media

In the interview, Swiatek explained that she likes to "...avoid such situations (as interacting on social media). They might just make me read something that hits me. Of course, there is a lot of hate now, so it's not like you can surf the Internet freely."

Swiatek has been criticized in the past for silly things like wearing her hat "too low." And this was from former ATP player Jimmy Arias. One can only imagine the kind of "hate" Swiatek gets from nameless ghouls in front of computer screens.

The shame is that we likely will not know Iga Swiatek the person very well as long as she is playing. If she loses a match, social media often reacts as if she had just refused to feed the poor instead of the fact that she simply lost a tennis match.

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