In her match against Victoria Azarenka, Jelena Ostapenko has her fight with a chair umpire in 2024

Ostapenko challenged the umpire on what she thought was a double bounce in Brisbane International quarterfinals

The Brisbane International quarterfinal match between Victoria Azarenka and Jelena Ostapenko had a little bit of everything. There was a lot of high-quality tennis displayed in the three-set slugfest between two Grand Slam champions with Azarenka coming out on top 6-3, 3-6, 7-5.

For added fun, fans witnessed the first Ostapenko heated argument of 2024 with the chair umpire over a no-call. Ostapenko believed there was a double bounce that resulted in an Azarenka winner on game point on her serve and put Azarenka up 5-4 in the third set.

Double bounces are always contentious, and no one ever seems sure if it is or is not a double bounced ball, but Ostapenko was sure and she let the chair umpire have it for not calling it. She went so far as to inform her that she would never do one of her matches again. To her credit, the umpire stayed calm and did not raise her voice. Her demeanor did not calm Ostapenko.

Victoria Azarenka had a hilarious line about Jelena Ostapenko in the post-match interview

Azarenka was thrilled to get the win over Ostapenko, and she talked about the high-quality tennis the two played this early in the season. She will need to continue the high level of play because she will face Aryna Sabalenka in the semifinals.

She then said: "With Jelena sometimes you just have to put on a helmet and try to stay in there." Azarenka meant that she is an outstanding player and a tough one to defeat, but fans may interpret that in many ways.

It is always a roller coaster ride when Ostapenko plays. While some fans find her behavior annoying or petty, she brings her unique personality and flair to the WTA tour. That makes her entertaining to watch every time she takes the court.

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