Lacoste apparently knows something about Novak Djokovic tennis fans don't

Djokovic has won 24 Grand Slams and has had a long-term partnership with Lacoste. The company might have jumped ahead, though.
Le Club Lacoste Miami Open
Le Club Lacoste Miami Open / Alexander Tamargo/GettyImages

Novak Djokovic may or may not play at Wimbledon. He is not ruling out the possibility and one reason he has surgery so quickly after tearing his meniscus at the French Open was in hopes of getting back to professional tennis quickly enough to potentially play at the grass-court major. How well he plays after being off for a month is a different question.

Still, tennis fans can assume the Serb has enough self-belief, based on the fact that he has been so successful, that he thinks he can win the next Grand Slam. He has won the event seven times. His career is likely closer to the end than the beginning. Djokovic wants to play Wimbledon and he wants to win.

At this point, he is still scheduled to play. There is a week before the tournament begins, though, so he will be checking his knee often, testing his movement, and making sure he is almost 100 percent in order to be dangerous. He has not yet made a final in 2024, but he cannot be counted out of winning any tournament.

Lacoste really wants Novak Djokovic to win Grand Slam number 25

Lacoste, a sponsor of Djokovic since 2017, obviously believes the Serb can win. They believe that so much that the company accidentally posted a tracksuit for $350 on their online store in the United States that commemorated Djokovic's 25th Grand Slam victory. He has not quite gotten there yet, and he might never get there.

Hopefully, whoever was in charge of the posting did not get into too much trouble. After all, they likely did not make the tracksuit. They just posted the sale of the tracksuit online. Maybe the CEOs who green-lit the clothing to be made should get in more trouble.

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To be fair, the CEO, Guibert Thierry, did own up to the mistake and apologized for it on X/Twitter. He wrote, "I have to apologize about that. It was a mistake on our side due to IT issues."

Still, throwing IT under the proverbial bus isn't right. They didn't make the tracksuit either. Let's just hope Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon for his 25th Grand Slam title and Lacoste can just take to social media that they knew all along what the future held.

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