Martina Navratilova reveals brutal truth behind Jessica Pegula's failures

Pegula has been a good but not great player during her career.

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Jessica Pegula has been in the middle way of women's tennis for years. She has shown that she is good enough to beat most players but she is not talented enough to consistently defeat great ones. This is especially true as it relates to winning Grand Slams. The former WTA No. 3 has never even made a semifinal of a major event in singles. She has won four singles titles in total.

Martina Navratilova, of course, is in a different sphere than most players ever. She spent 332 total weeks ranked No. 1 and she won 18 Grand Slams. She also won 167 singles titles. The point is that when Navratilova speaks about tennis she does so with a vast wealth of personal successful experience.

Recently on the Tennis Channel, Navratilova was talking about the current top players in women's tennis and Pegula was one of those players. Pegula is now 30 years old and has struggled quite a bit over the six months. This even led to a coaching change away from her long-time instructor, David Witt, and to Mark Knowles and Mark Merklein. Making a coaching change after so many years might imply some desperation on Pegula's part.

Martina Navratilova delivers harsh truth about Jessica Pegula

While Pegula is an excellent player and great in doubles as well, the fact is that according to Navratilova, Pegula is just not good enough to win Grand Slams. She cannot do it on her own either. Pegula needs other players to mess up a bit late in a major to win.

According to what Navratilova said on the Tennis Channel, "(Pegula) really good at every aspect of the game but she's not great in one aspect of the game. She just doesn't have that one big weapon."

Of course, we have heard that before from other commentators. Maybe Pegula simply doesn't have the physical skill to develop the "one big weapon." As hard as she might work, maybe the best from what we have seen from the American is the best that she can do.

But Navratilova also offered a harsh critique of Pegula ever winning a Grand Slam saying simply, "I feel like she needs help from other players because it's just too hard to beat the top players back-to-back without having a bigger weapon." Of course, hoping other players are not at their best is no way to win a major event.

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