Mikael Ymer embarrasses himself on social media and fails to understand the truth

Ymer is currently banned from tennis.

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Mikael Ymer appears to have issues with understanding details. He is currently banned from playing professional tennis, for instance, for 18 months after he failed to show up on three different occasions for out-of-competition drug tests. For the third missed appearance, he blamed his agent for allegedly not updating Ymer's whereabouts after the Swedish player had changed hotel rooms. The first two no-shows Ymer accepted were his fault.

Still, if one is continuously missing drug tests that every professional tennis player understands they need to do then one might question that player's self-discipline. Ymer has never been accused of taking a banned substance, but then why would he not show up to be tested? That seems odd.

But recently, and before Ymer deleted his X (the player formerly known as Twitter) account and, therefore, any posts he created, he went a bit off the rails in seemingly accusing tennis authorities of racing for his ban. The screenshots of his tweets were caught by others on social media before he could delete the posts. Ymer also posted randomly some issues he had with Nordeo Open CEO, Christer Hult.

Mikael Ymer shares nonsensical thoughts on social media

Possibly Ymer was just having another moment where he overreacted to something that was personally happening to him. He appears to have done this after he learned of his ban but he then announced he was retiring from the sport. Ymer is still only 25 years old and should have a number of years to play at a decent level. He has been ranked as high as the top 50 on the ATP tour.

About being suspended partially because of racism, he wrote, "I ain't saying this w no hate...don't look me in the face and say this aint a race thing (expletive) u mean it ain't a race thing."

Directing tweets toward Hult, the player wrote, "It is true that Båstad offered me an extremely large amount of money this year. I was shocked when I saw the check but my voice and integrity are not for sale. Christer Hult (CEO) and his team can put their money up their (expletive)..."

Ymer then posted (with an embedded photo of Hult), "This is Christer hult he's also super cool nice guy and also a billionaire (Swedish currency) I said some things about him that I shouldn't have said sorry brother all love I'll come play Båstad for freeeeeee if I ever pick up a racket againnnn."

But then Ymer reversed course again and implied that he might have been suspended in part because he had previously offended Hult, writing, "CEO of itf and Christer are bestiieessss and go to vacations together and I got suspended couple of days after telling Christer to shove his Båstad money up his glutes it ain't connected just wanted to puuuuttttt it ouuttttt thereeeeee."

What Ymer does not seem to understand, though, is no one forced him to miss drug tests. Other players seem to not find themselves banned for missing test. Any issues he has he should blame on himself. If Ymer chooses to stay retired after his ban is over, that might be the best scenario for tennis.

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