Mirra Andreeva's Australian Open run continues in miraculous fashion

Mirra Andreeva enjoys three-set comeback win over Diane Parry and gains a new famous fan
Robert Prange/GettyImages

Iga Swiatek said after her comeback win over Danielle Collins, "it's not over until it's over." That same phrase applies to Russian teenager Mirra Andreeva's third-round match victory over France's Diane Parry.

Andreeva was down 1-5 in the third set. She saved a match point and won the deciding set in a 10-5 tiebreaker. She reaches the second week of a Grand Slam tournament for the second time in her short career (2023 Wimbledon).

The 2024 Australian Open early rounds have been loaded with thrilling matches and comebacks, but Andreeva possessing the composure and strength to do this as young as she is and with minimal Grand Slam experience is truly extraordinary. Her performance is getting noticed by many including a new and famous fan.

Andy Murray comments on Mirra Andreeva's match

Andy Murray was watching Andreeva's match. He took to social media to scold the commentator covering it. The commentator alluded to Andreeva being "too hard on herself when she's losing." Murray flipped that logic around by saying her high expectations for herself are why she pulled through and earned the win. It is not clear which broadcast he was watching or who said it though Rennae Stubbs quickly commented that she did not say it.

Andreeva spoke about Murray's comment in the postmatch press conference. She was shocked that he was watching the match and took the time to tweet his support of her. She wants to print and frame his tweet and take it with her as a source of inspiration.

You cannot make up the drama and excitement that Andreeva has brought to the Australian Open. The WTA field and talent level is so deep, diverse, and young. With Coco Gauff sailing through her rounds and Andreeva advancing, could we see a teenage champion at this year's Australian Open?

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