Novak Djokovic gets good news about his health but that might worry him

Djokovic was accidentally hit in the head in Rome.
Tullio Puglia/GettyImages

Novak Djokovic was signing some autographs post-match at the Italian Open when a fan's aluminum water bottle fell from the fan's backpack and fell directly onto the top of Djokovic's head. The fan was quite a bit higher than Djokovic so the water bottle fell quite far and would have definitely hurt anyone. Djokovic crumpled to the ground, was assisted to the locker room, and was checked out by doctors.

Djokovic played his next match against Alejandro Tabilo and Tabilo destroyed Djokovic in 67 minutes and in straight sets. At one point, Djokovic abandoned his routine before serving the ball which was to bounce the ball many times before serving. Instead, Djokovic did not bounce the ball and all and served. He seemed as if he just wanted to get the match over.

The question might have been asked whether Djokovic was getting beaten so convincingly because Tabilo was just the better player on the day or if Djokovic was still dealing with the after-effects of being hit in the head. After further tests in Belgrade, Djokovic might have greater concerns than his health. Physically, he was fine, but his tennis form is clearly not.

Novak Djokovic should be more worried about his form than his health currently

The top-ranked ATP player (for now) has not made a final in 2024. This is the longest drought Djokovic has gone to start a year without winning a tournament, unless you count 2022 when he was not allowed to play in many events because of his unvaccinated status, since 2018. That was the year after he was injured in 2017. Djokovic does not have the same excuse this year for trying to regain form after a bad injury as he did in 2018.

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Not that Djokovic would make excuses. He usually gives credit to his opponent and does not try to say some external issue was the cause for his loss. He is classy that way.

But he has to be concerned about his form. His winning percentage in 2006 is his worst since 2006. He seems incapable of getting to a final in a tournament currently, let alone winning an event. Clearly, the hope from many tennis fans is he will be fully ready to make a run at the French Open, but at this point, he does not seem to be one of the favorites. He also will likely lose his No. 1 ranking to Jannik Sinner during the French Open as well.

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