Novak Djokovic reveals who he thinks is biggest threat at Australian Open

The 10-time Australian Open champion has one person in mind as the biggest threat to the 2024 title.
Andy Cheung/GettyImages

Novak Djokovic often comes across as very confident but rarely arrogant. One reason for this is that with Djokovic he has won so many Grand Slams and Masters 1000 and spent so many weeks atop the ATP rankings that "arrogance" may no longer be an option. He can back anything he says multiple times over.

So when asked in a press conference prior to the Australian Open who Novak Djokovic thought his biggest threat to his Australian Open title would be he answered simply: Himself. Djokovic, of course, holds the record for most Australian Opens won on the men's side with 10. He has not lost at the event since 2018. For someone else to win the trophy in Melbourne, they are going to have to pry the award from Djokovic.

But Djokovic did not even mean to sound cocky when he said he thought he was the biggest threat to winning the 2024 Australian Open. Djokovic implied each player should have the same mindset that when they land in Australia (or drive there if they happen to be Australian) that player should think they are in Melbourne to win.

Novak Djokovic gives extremely honest answer about his biggest threat

Novak Djokovic isn't being arrogant, he is being real. Plus, he has the correct mentality one should have before playing a tennis tournament. One should not just show up; One should think they are in the vent until the end.

In the press conference, Djokovic said when asked who was going to win the Australian Open and who the biggest threat was, "Myself always first, and then of course all the other best players in the world. Any player is here with, I'm sure, intention to achieve the dream of winning a Grand Slam...We know what Grand Slam represents for our sport. It's where every player wants to play their best tennis."

Djokovic dispatched qualifier Dino Prizmic in the first round on Sunday but he did drop the second set in a tie-break. The biggest threat to Djokovic himself moving forward in the tournament might be the health of his wrist that was bothering him earlier in January at the United Cup. If he can manage that, there is no reason Djokovic should not win his 11th Australian Open title.

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