Ons Jabeur reveals why she was so upset after losing Wimbledon 2023

Ons Jabeur had major life-changing plans if she achieved her childhood dream of winning Wimbledon
Fred Mullane/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Ons Jabeur is nicknamed "The Minister of Happiness" for the joy she brings whenever she enters the room. She is probably one of the most beloved tennis players on the WTA Tour. But like everyone else, she has sad and difficult moments.

Fans got a glimpse of Jabeur's internal turmoil at the past two Wimbledon finals. Jabeur's dream has been to win Wimbledon. She was so close the past two years finishing as a finalist each year. In 2022, she won the opening set over Elena Rybakina and dropped the next two. Last year, she was the heavy favorite over Marketa Vondrousova but lost in straight sets.

Many believed she was emotionally distraught about the Vondrousova loss because she could not win for her country. She is the face of Tunisian tennis and Arab sports, and it is a responsibility that she does not take lightly. She would be the first Arab and Tunisian woman to win a Grand Slam.

Ons Jabeur opens up about the real reason for her breakdown at Wimbledon 2023 in a documentary called This is Me.

Premiering on Tod.tv on Sunday, January 7, Jabeur shares surprising insights about the mental and physical struggles she has endured during her successful tennis career in the 90-minute documentary.

Regarding the 2023 Wimbledon final, Jabeur felt as though she was having a panic attack before stepping foot on the court. She said: "People think I have this pressure because I want to do it for other people, which is not true. There was a personal thing going on there. I win that [final] I could have a baby right away. And that dream faded. I was haunted by fear."

Jabeur is 29 years old so it is only natural that she would be thinking about starting a family. If she wins that elusive Wimbledon title in 2024, tennis fans will be very happy for "The Minister of Happiness."

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