Paula Badosa jokingly drops reason she's playing doubles with Stefanos Tsitsipas

Badosa and Tsitsipas decided to play mixed doubles at the French Open and Badosa jokingly revealed why.
Paula Badosa discusses mixed doubles with Stefanos Tsitsipas
Paula Badosa discusses mixed doubles with Stefanos Tsitsipas / Robert Prange/GettyImages

Being a tennis power couple must be weird. With all the practice and preparation, one might wonder how two find the time to spend quality time together. This is especially true if both players are playing singles matches and doubles. Such is the case with Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The two have been dating (except for maybe a few recent days) since last year. Their specific romantic relationship should not be gossiped about much because,'s really no one's business but theirs. Would any one of us like people speculating on a relationship we are in? Of course not.

The important aspect here is that Badosa and Tsitsipas have decided to play mixed doubles at the French Open. Individually, the two players are fun to watch. Both have also struggled with injuries over the last six months, though Tsitsipas appears to be in better recent form than Badosa. Badosa, unfortunately, might never be fully healthy again as she is dealing with a chronic back issue.

Paula Badosa discusses playing doubles with Stefanos Tsitsipas at the French Open

This is why, when asked by the media at the French Open why she decided to participate in mixed doubles with Tsitsipas, Badosa likely gave the best - and funniest - response. Badosa jokingly said she just doesn't expect to have to do much. She just wants to get some match work in.

According to tennis reporter Jose Morgado, Badosa said, "(Tsitsipas) will work for me so I don’t have to run much. It’s good to practice."

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Badosa, though, has played many doubles matches in her career. She has never won a title, but she has made several semifinals. Tsitsipas plays doubles with his brother, Petros, quite often. In other words, both Tsitsipas and Badosa have good experience playing doubles.

Of course, this does not mean they will do well at the French Open, but they should be entertaining to watch. Plus, if they do well, maybe they will continue to play together. Tennis fans can hope, at least.

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