Scantily clad Genie Bouchard mocked by Sam Querrey in best possible way

Bouchard recently posted herself working on some yardwork wearing very little, and Querrey took that theme and ran with it. Sort of.
Genie Bouchard at Shaq's Fun House
Genie Bouchard at Shaq's Fun House / Greg Doherty/GettyImages

No one can say Sam Querrey doesn't have an excellent sense of humor. The same can be said of Genie Bouchard. After Bouchard posted on her Instagram page some photos of her doing some "yardwork" while wearing a very thin bikini, Querrey thought he might try to do the same.

Only Querrey did not do his own photoshoot of original pictures, he did the same exact poses that Bouchard was doing in hers. He obviously had seen what Bouchard posted and wanted to "honor" it. Bouchard was a great sport about it as well, and even posted Querrey's photos on her IG page and commented on his. A classy move by her and an extremely funny one by him.

Both players used to participate in professional tennis, of course, but coincidentally both now play professional pickleball. Maybe the players were trying to help sell their new sport by posting the photos, but it was worth a laugh either way. Querrey even mocked himself on his post of photos saying, "(Sports Illustrated Swimsuit) I await your call."

Sam Querrey jokingly mocks Genie Bouchard in recent photoshoot

Most of the fan reaction was overly positive for both former players as well. Querrey might have even gotten the better of the comments due to his only wearing green bathing suit shorts and shoes while Bouchard wears a green bikini.

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One might wonder about the thinking process of Querrey, however, after he saw Bouchard's original post. Someone else is taking the photos of both players, of course. Did Querrey see what Bouchard had done and immediately grab his partner and say, "Let's go outside and take some photos!"

The posts made a nice respite in a world that can many times seem too harsh. People not taking themselves too seriously is refreshing a lot of the time. Bouchard doing yardwork was a farce and she knew it. Querrey mimicking Bouchard made both posts better. Tennis magic.

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