Sebastian Korda's sister might be the most dominant athlete on earth

Korda comes from a very athletically gifted family.
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Sebastian Korda has had decent success on the ATP. He is unlikely to ever be a top-ten player or not likely for very long. That does not mean he isn't any good, though. Bad players do not win tournaments and Korda at least has won. Heck, he even did something most Americans never do and won a title on European clay.

Korda also comes by his talent genetically. His father, Petr, won 10 titles and was once ranked as high as No. 2. His last title came in 1998 but was a great one. He won the Australian Open. His mother, Regina Rajchrtová, reached a career-high of 26 on the WTA tour and competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics. In other words, Sebastian was going to be a good tennis player no matter if he wanted to be or not.

But still, while the family is sitting around the dinner table and swapping stories, Sebastian is not going to have the most successful ones. His parents will assumedly be proud of him, but Sebastian's sister, Nelly, is not going to be beaten in the stories she spins about how it feels to win.

Sebastian Korda is so far no comparison to Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda won the Chevron Championship this past weekend. That was not her first victory, however. Not by a long stretch. In fact, Nelly has won the last five events on the LPGA tour. She has not lost since January. Her five straight victories equal the record number of events won in a row that she now shares with Nancy Lopez (who completed the feat in 1978) and Anna Sorenstam (she won five straight between 2004 and 2005).

Korda (Nelly, not Sebastian) is only 25 years old but has already won 13 titles. That seems fairly impressive for someone who basically writes about tennis and knows little about golf. To be fair, I am pretty sure I haven't won 13 of anything, let alone five events in a row.

In comparison, Novak Djokovic finished 2023 strong after losing the Wimbledon final in 2023. He won every event he entered for the rest of the season. That, though, was only four wins in a row and not five. Plus, there is no reason to think Nelly Korda should stop winning any time soon.

Maybe Sebastian will be extra motivated while he stirs in his seat at dinner while Nelly weaves her web of victory stories. The whole family seems nice, at least, and nice people deserve good things. Maybe Sebastian will steal another title this year, but rarely does anyone win five tennis tournaments in a row so Sebastian might always be a step behind Nelly.

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