Simona Halep's latest training video could reveal her future plans

Simona Halep is training to return to the WTA Tour while she awaits her appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CASA) scheduled for February 7-9, 2024.
Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

Simona Halep is back on the tennis court training for what she hopes is a return to the WTA Tour after her February 7-9 hearing with the Court of Arbitration of Sport. Halep is fighting two doping charges that have kept her out of the game since August 2022. Darren Cahill and Chris Evert have come to her defense saying that Halep would never knowingly use a banned substance.

As it stands now, Halep is banned until August 2026; however, the fact that she is training publicly could indicate she is optimistic about her chances at next month's hearing.

Even more intriguing is the backdrop where she is training. Could Halep be sending a message when tennis fans could see her again if the CASA hearing goes well?

Simona Halep's training video has her hitting balls in front of a large Roland Garros sign

Is Halep sending a message to the tennis world that she plans to come back to the 2024 French Open if she receives a favorable ruling at the CASA hearing? Some do not think her video is that calculated, and it is just a coincidence.

It was not the only training video publicized from her first hit of 2024, but it is the most eye-catching. The other did not show the Roland Garros sign.

Halep has stayed in shape during her suspension, and at 32 years of age, she feels a sense of urgency to get back out on the court to compete as soon as possible. Time has not been on her side; she has already lost 17 months of her career awaiting the resolution of her case.

The video is probably not an overt message, but it could be possible that Halep, the 2018 French Open champion, is hoping to return to Roland Garros in a few months. At this point, her tennis future is not in her hands so it is hard to predict what will happen.

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