Sloane Stephens is joining Daria Kasatkina in her latest endeavor

Stephens and Kasatkina are top WTA stars using their voices in a special way off the tennis court
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Sloane Stephens, 31, is the latest WTA star to join Daria Kasatkina in an off-the-court project to have her voice heard. Stephen is launching her own podcast entitled "Sincerely Sloane." Stephens will be highlighting stories of sports and entertainment personalities. The first episode drops on May 13.

Stephens' social media followers have wanted her to do something like this for quite some time. Her down-to-earth demeanor makes her an appealing host. She has a lot of experience with the highs and lows of an athletic career. Stephens has also served as a member of the WTA Players' Council. She is vocal about mental health issues so she is clearly not afraid to voice her opinion on critical issues. The guests she invites to join her are expected to have similar personalities.

In March, she was a guest on the Changeover podcast so fans got a sneak peek of what they can expect from Stephens on her own podcast.

Daria Kasatkina has her own YouTube channel

Daria Kasatkina's voice is heard in a slightly different way than Stephens' voice will be on the podcast. Kasatkina, 27, has a YouTube channel and produces programming under the title "What The Vlog."

What The Vlog has over 47,000 subscribers and has a library of 161 previous episodes for fans to binge-watch. It is mentioned frequently by Tennis Channel media personalities who marvel at Kasatkina's content when they interview her. Like Stephens, Kasatkina has an openness and sincerity about her that fans are drawn to. They want to hear more from her.

Female tennis players are becoming entrepreneurs both on and off the court. The Williams sisters were the pioneers in this area. They ran business enterprises and clothing designer companies while they were playing. That has evolved into tennis players using social media to build their brand along with partnering with companies for endorsement deals and to be ambassadors for causes important to them. It is proof that these athletes are multi-faceted and find off-the-court projects to help them balance their priorities and the pressures associated with being a professional athlete.

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