Social media goes insane over Aryna Sabalenka's Australian Open victory celebration

On Saturday, Sabalenka won her second straight Australian Open.
James D. Morgan/GettyImages

Aryna Sabalenka might be the next Novak Djokovic. Djokovic, of course, holds the record for most wins at the Australian Open with 10. While Sabalenka still has a long way to go to catch that number, she does now have two including in each of the last two years in Melbourne. But win or lose, Sabalenka is not afraid to show her emotion, and often that is a smile instead of a frown.

Of course, winning normally means celebrating. After her defeat of Qinwen Zheng in the Australian Open final 6-3 6-2 in an hour and 16 minutes on Saturday, Sabalenka laughed, smiled, and well...danced. And it was the dance that has social media all aflutter.

Sabalenka preened and bounced, and shared with tennis fans pure joy. Like a child that just got what they always wanted on Christmas morning. Sabalenka had the kind of happy dance that we all likely hope to have at least twice in our lives. And by watching her be so joyful it was nearly impossible for the rest of us not to be happy with her.

Aryna Sabalenka does her happy dance and social media goes insane

The dance. And yes, the strut. She deserved it.

So am I. How can one not be a fan of a player overjoyed by their success and yet handling any loss with class?

Eurosport got caught in the dance too. Impossible not to join in.

The smile says it all. And she had not even had much to drink yet.

"I mean, without me you wouldn't be that good as well." Truth spoken by Aryna Sabalenka.

Well said. That is exactly why one wants to root for Sabalenka. She seems like one of us.

I like the use of the word "annual" here. Which, of course, winning the Australian Open does seem to be becoming an annual event for Sabalenka.

Getting congrats from two of the all-time greats? How awesome must that feel? But again, Aryna Sabalenka completely deserved that.

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